The top global destinations include: Singapore, Costa Rica, India, Israel, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey.

The savings are significant: a CABG that costs an average of $65,000 in the US will cost around $25,000 in Mexico and only about $6,500 in India. Nose-jobs that cost about  $4,500 in the US will cost about $1,500 in Turkey, and only $850 in India.

An estimated at 1.4 MM US consumers travel abroad annually for health care, with a projected increase of 35% over the next several years. 

With blessings from the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation

In 1994, responding to the rapid growth in the global medical tourism, and to establish international quality standards for hospitals outside the USA, the Joint Commission (JC) created the Joint Commission International (JCI). Since 2001, the JCI has accredited 479 hospital programs, and over 700 more hospitals are in the queue for accreditation!